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If you’ve ever used a computer, chances are you already know that computers don’t always act like they’re supposed to. In fact, you’d be pretty lucky if you made it through an entire computer-related task without a single hiccup.

The reality is that computer errors are so common that we’ve almost just come to expect them. We close them out, try and figure out what’s going wrong, or just ignore them and hope we don’t lose what we’re working on.

Sometimes, though, we come across an error or glitch that stands out. Computers will occasionally spew out particularly funny error messages that are just too stupid to overlook. That’s where FunnyError.com comes in.

We collect the funniest, stupidest computer errors and glitches and share them with the world. So kick back and get a few laughs out of the crazy screwups our beloved computers like to make.

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